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Rancherr Boots

RANCHERR ELITE || Size 10 (27cm) Women's Cowhide Lechera : 10C

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Rare patterns or brands make these pairs TRULEY one of a kind. Just when you thought cowhide could not get more unique, Rancherr Elite came to be! 

—> free cowhide print scrunchie with Elite pairs 


Rancherr Boot Company Original Cowhide Lechera

Hair-on-hide cowhide retains the natural hair of the cow. This gives it a distinct, rustic, and textured appearance. The hair can vary in color, length, and pattern depending on the cow's breed and individual characteristics.

Cowhide will naturally shed with constant points of contact. Eg. jeans, bending of the boot. This is OKAY! The more you wear your boots the more they will shape & show the love! (Since every animal and their hide is different, there will be some variation in hair loss and how fast it happens on each pair.)

Keep in mind your boots will stretch if they are a little snug!

Getting them wet & putting them to work is the best!

‼️ SIZING - these are fitting more true to size than the last few years. My suggestion is to MEASURE your foot in cm heel to toe on a flat surface. (All “sizes” will be posted with its cm measurement)

Cowhide is naturally waterproof. 

Although we dont suggest excessive moisture, your boots will hold up to quite a bit! ( we have also added a waterproof side elastic! )

Cowhide also wipes clean! And to clean that sole, a good old fashion pressure wash or magic eraser does the trick.