Amanda Jenkins Photo

My sweet sister-in-law is a really talented photogapher. Check out her story and her amazing photos at



I’m an aspiring photographer who aims to capture the wild and intimate moments of the western lifestyle. From brandings to bronc rides, to couples and families, the western life is so diverse and I love every minute of it.

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we live and work on his family’s multi-generation cattle ranch. We have three dogs that are basically our children (human babies coming one day!) and I have a small flock of chickens. We have cattle and horses—who I love spending time with, especially when they are together.

Aside from living the ranch wife life, I also currently work in conservation and restoration. I love the natural world and the life that it sustains. This side of me plays a huge role in my inspiration for photography. I am so fortunate to lead a life where I get to be a part of the magic that natural areas hold.

- Amanada